Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start?
Start by contacting some of the attorneys listed here.

Once you have found an attorney with whom you wish to work, he or she can help you understand how to navigate the process.

Does my spouse have to agree to collaborate for this to work?
Yes, the Collaborative Process requires two willing spouses who each retain a trained collaborative attorney.

What should I expect?
Every situation develops differently but generally speaking all collaborative cases proceed in a similar way. You and your attorney will meet and formally contract to work together. Your attorney will conduct an intake interview and prepare you for your first four-way meeting.

Your case will move forward through a series of four-way meetings (meetings with you, your spouse, and both attorneys). Each meeting will involve a candid exchange of information and a discussion to understand each spouse’s needs and expectations. Mutual problem-solving with these needs in mind will usually result in final agreements on all aspects of your divorce.