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If you’re considering divorce and want to know more about Collaborative Divorce or collaborative process for other family law matters, the alternative to court-centered litigation, contact a Whatcom Collaborative Professionals member. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you determine if Collaborative Divorce is a good option for your situation.

Each Whatcom Collaborative Professionals has completed Collaborative Law and negotiation and communication skills training meeting the minimum professional standards required by the International Association of Collaborative Professionals

Kristen Hawks, Attorney/Mediator 360-392-2828
Kelly Deis, MBA/CDFA/CVA, Financial Professional 206-842-4922
Pat Henderson, Mental Health Professional 360-676-1513
Leslie J. Garrison, Attorney/Mediator 360-483-0058
Jeff Shushan, Mental Health Professional 206-298-9555
Roy Martin, Attorney/Mediator 360-746-0400
Lacy W. Heinz, Attorney 360-734-1920
Jayme Fergoda, Mental Health Professional 360-685-4224
Jennifer Slattery, Attorney 360-392 2855
Jesse Deason CFP/CDFA/EA, Financial Professional 425-903-8188
Christopher P. Taylor, Attorney/Mediator 360-336-2002
Betsy Brinson, Attorney/Mediator 360-734-1920
Shannon Montoure, Attorney/Mediator 360-733-5680
Maryann Nelson MBA/CDFA, Financial Professional 206-276-6296
Kathryn D. Resnick, Attorney/Mediator 360-738-3636
Delynn MacKenzie, Mental Health Professional 360-224-6225
Jeanine A. Vhan, Attorney 425-258-6860
Andrew Schwarz, Attorney/Mediator 360-483-0058
Luigi Colombo, Attorney 360-464-1064
Robert Kelly, Attorney/Mediator 360-738-3112
Julie A. Caputo, Attorney/Mediator 425-259-5100

Legal Disclaimer

Although legal terminology and information about the legal process is used on this web page, there is no legal advice being provided. Consult with a lawyer to obtain advice on your situation.

Whatcom Collaborative Professionals requires its members to meet the minimum training standards articulated by the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals. Our professional group was formed in large part to guarantee that those who practice Collaborative Law in our community do so with the highest standard of care by providing on-going training and professional support. However, Whatcom Collaborative Professionals make no guarantees about the competency or quality of service provided by each of its members.